Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Busman's holiday

Over the years I have developed a small niche for painting automobile art. It's something I relish and it stems from an early love of cars and racing. Growing up in Central Florida between Sebring and Daytona Beach, I guess it was meant to be. At age 13
I saw my first 12-Hours of Sebring. There were Ferraris and Lancias from Italy battling Porsche teams from France and Germany. I was hooked. The whole experience was exotic. There were unidentifiable accents, and funny European cars with names I couldn't say. They lapped around a 5 mile circuit composed of interconnected airbase runways and roads, through all weather and into the night. How cool. I drew and painted racing cars from that day.
Automobile art is a small niche, and while other pursuits took me away from it, there are accomplished painters who specialize in it cultivating collectors around the world. Fortunately, I receive commissions to give me the occasional fix of painting metal and glass. Its good therapy after rendering my 1,000th tree. We all need a holiday.

Above is a rendering in oil on board for a client commisssion. It is a Porsche 904 and a Corvette Grand Sport from 1965. If it is approved it will be painted at a size roughly 3 times larger.

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