Sunday, March 1, 2009

Art auctions

Today it's time to do the work I avoided during the week. A couple of commission projects need preliminary sketches. An artist bio for a benefit auction. Why is it so hard to get my head around those things sometimes.

I got word this morning my painting donation to the Chatham Acadamy in Savannah sold at full price last night. They held their annual benefit auction for the school at the Marriott Riverfront. This is a school with family connections so I give without reservation and hope for some good results for the school.
The words benefit auction tend to be loaded terms for artists. As many non-profits use art auctions for fund raising, we're often asked to contribute a piece. It's nice to have your work shown off at these events but a lot of people don't know that artists get no tax deductions for their contributions. I either give because I have a strong attachment to the cause, as in the case of the Chatham Acadamy, or because the organization offers a split of the winning bid. Giving away a unique framed painting is a big sacrifice if done with any frequency. Splitting the proceeds gives the artist a chance to make something while givng the charity a net gain as well.

The painting on the easel above is finished. I'm calling it Morning Mist, 24"x24", available $2,100.

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