Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rosalind Club Soiree

I am re-posting a painting here because I put it on display last night at a fundraising soiree. It will remain with the Rosalind Club in downtown Orlando until Thursday evening along with a couple of other smaller pieces. I enjoyed being able to visit with some old friends there last night and make some new acquaintances. Thanks, Sherrie Krawczyk and the Rosalind Club.

whats new: Approaching Storm, oil on canvas, 40"x40"

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Some Paintings are More Challenging

Commissions can be the most difficult of assignments for a painter. I have written about the challenges of getting inside someone elses mind and expectations. I can tell what works for me but its hard to know what works for others until you gauge their reaction to the finished product.

This painting is one of the hardest ones I have attempted for awhile. I'm not sure why. I have worked it and worked it until I was ready to wipe it off and start over but through persistence, I got it to finally respond. I'm satisfied with it now and judging from the several people who have liked it at first impression, I think it is done. This is one of a pair. I'll post the other one tomorrow.
What's new: Untitled, 26x24, oil on canvas

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Open Studio Night Wednesday at McRae

Tomorrow evening, we are having Open Studios Night at McRae Studios . This will be our first of a series of monthly events to draw some attention to our group of 20 working artists. Those of us who can will be on hand in our studios looking creative. I plan to paint and jabber with who ever walks in. This is pretty much what I do every day so I doubt I will be nervous or self conscious.

What's new: Morning Glow, oil on canvas, 9"x12"

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Throttle Up

If you graphed inspiration and productivity, it wouldn't be a straight level line. Certainly not for me. The good news is right now I am getting ideas and executing them competently. The last couple of days anyway. Tomorrow - who knows. The truth is, I have to make my time count. I have an overdue commission that just wont come to completion in spite of my best efforts. Also I have the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival in a month. All of my work is out to galleries so its a clean slate.

What's new: Untitled, 12x9 oil on canvas


I am lucky to have a great place to work. My studio is part of
Mc Rae Art Studios, a large warehouse complex that houses 20 visual artists. We work separately on our own projects and in our individual mediums, but we enjoy friendship and support. It's usually a very warm environment to work in - except lately. If our building has a down side, it is climate control. No heat and no airconditioning in a large part of the building. This winter has been challenging with the temperature inside hovering in the 40's and 50's. A day or two of this is not unusual, but for weeks now our normally temperate Central Florida winter has felt more like Nashville or Dallas.
What's new: Early Fall 26x24 oil on canvas. On its way to Miller Gallery, Cincinnati OH

Friday, February 12, 2010

A Satisfying Day of Driving

Today was a long day of rainy travel but a couple of satisfying accomplishments to show for it. I drove seven new paintings to Studio E Gallery in Palm Beach Gardens FL which should be hanging by now. Studio E was one of my first galleries 5 or 6 years ago and while we took a break from each other for awhile, I'm really pumped to have fresh work there again. I can't wait to see what happens.

After about 15 minutes to change clothes and vehicles, it was off to Melbourne FL and the Melbourne Museum which was hosting a gala and auction of art for the Brevard County Early Learning Coalition for kids . I donated a partially painted piece which the children finished off. I was very impressed by the results and happy to see it auction off for $600. Even better was being told the State of Florida will contribute $16 for every dollar donated. So that painting ultimately brought $9600 to a very worthy cause. Congratulations and thanks for all this organization does for kids.
What's new: Cool Dawn, oil on canvas, 11"x24"

Monday, February 8, 2010

An Autumn Show Planned

I am happy to announce I have won a Professional Development Grant from United Arts of Central Florida. The cash grant will be used to finance a week of photographing and painting the Cades Cove Park in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. A solo show has been set up with Bennett Gallery in Knoxville TN for October 2nd, 2010. This grant will make it possible to spend a week or so in the park bringing much more insight into the creation of the work. I'm looking forward to reporting the trip here and putting together a show of cohesive work for the fall. My thanks to United Arts of Central Florida.

Whats new: River View, oil on canvas, 36"x48"

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Small Contribution

Chatham Acadamy in Savannah is having their annual fundraising auction and I did a small piece for the cause. It is a study of a creek at nearby Tybee Island called Lazarette. Good luck K-Kathy and C-Cathy. Hope it helps out.

What's new: Lazarette Creek, oil on canvas 5"x5"

Friday, February 5, 2010

This Weeks Special

I don't know how it works for all artists but when I accumulate a number of paintings in the studio, I tend to notice a common thread of color theme. This past month may be my green period or my yellow period. I can't say why that is. I have all the colors on the palate every day, but I gravitate towards some over others occasionally. I don't think it is a bad thing, but there you have it.
What's new: Calm Waters, 16" x 20", o/c

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Are You Done Yet?

My friend Rachel Cornell writes an interesting blog about human nature and the sometimes puzzling aspects of our behavior She recently polled some of us about how we determine when a piece of artwork, writing or other creative endeavor is declared finished. I contributed a few paragraphs in response, but I admit I don't really know how to answer the question definitively. I nearly always see some flaw or unresolved issue in my work. It may just be the obsessive traits within me but I usually regard work finished only if it is gone and I can't get it back to work on.

That said, the above painting was returned from a gallery and after 9 months I wanted to improve it. It's done now.
I promise....
No, really.

What's re-newed: Beginning Anew, oil on canvas, 39"x39"

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Big Change

Today started out without inspiration and plenty of frustration with what I saw around me in the studio. By late afternoon I had three paintings I was finishing and, in my eyes anyway, looked good.

Sometimes I get off the path and forget where I am trying to get. This is a painting that has morphed from a previous mediocre image to what you see here. As of 6pm I was happy with it. We'll see how much it has changed in perception overnight.
What's new: Untitled, 36" x 48" oil on canvas

Monday, February 1, 2010

Are Painters Competitive Enough?

Sometimes I marvel how we artists sometimes rave out loud about artists we like. I do it almost every day too. Today a couple of my painter friends and myself were talking about painting and looking at some famous dead artists' work in a book. It's a pastime to be practiced in moderation, else we would become overcome with self pity and overwhelming loss of ego.

Still, I am impressed at how we talk openly and so often about other artists we know and admire, - and without much jealosy or resentment. Well OK, maybe a little. In general, I think it reflects true respect for good work and those who create it. We seem to be inspired by it and not envious.

I suppose it's because we don't compete directly. Most buyers arent going to be swayed by the next artist. They come to an artist's work because it calls out to them specifically. Other artists usually bring their own collectors. I think we also share a tough mission in life. Making a living off something proven to be hard to live off. That creates a camraderie that allows us to encourage and admire. That's a nice place to be.
What's new: Autumn Sentinels, oil on canvas, 40"x40"