Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Are You Done Yet?

My friend Rachel Cornell writes an interesting blog about human nature and the sometimes puzzling aspects of our behavior She recently polled some of us about how we determine when a piece of artwork, writing or other creative endeavor is declared finished. I contributed a few paragraphs in response, but I admit I don't really know how to answer the question definitively. I nearly always see some flaw or unresolved issue in my work. It may just be the obsessive traits within me but I usually regard work finished only if it is gone and I can't get it back to work on.

That said, the above painting was returned from a gallery and after 9 months I wanted to improve it. It's done now.
I promise....
No, really.

What's re-newed: Beginning Anew, oil on canvas, 39"x39"

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