Thursday, December 31, 2009

Starting 2010 with a Bang

2010 started with a bang in our neighborhood. Then many more. A pall of smoke hangs in the street lights of downtown Orlando and distant partying can be heard on the edge of Lake Cherokee where some real big boy fireworks are being shot at the low clouds.
Midnight found Susan and I sitting on the patio watching the blue moon through those passing clouds and quietly toasting in the new year/decade. The weather was perfect for an evening outside. That is one of my resolutions for 2010. Stay outside longer, and paint more outdoors.

what's new: Coming Storm 40" x 40", oil on canvas

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Looking Back

We are all coming to the end of another year. And the end of a tumultuous decade. 2009 has been a challenging time for a lot of the people in my life. Certainly it has been for me.

Lately I think more about the privilege I have in being able to practice my painting passion daily. As with many of the artists I know, the economic climate of the past couple of years has threatened my ability to continue. Here's hoping for better times for us all in 2010.

what's new: Looking Back 5"x7" oil