Friday, November 2, 2012

Seeing the Future Painting

Cathedral Spires, 8x10, oil on canvas
There is a method to seeing like an artist.  Maybe it's like those stereo photos that you cross your eyes to see in 3D.  You have to change the way you look.

My level of creativity is never constant.  There are rare times that good paintings stream off the easel, but many more times it is a struggle; false starts and unfulfilled expectations.  At times, when inspiration is at it's peak, everywhere I look, there's a painting - a target rich environment.  Yes, it helps if I am in a location that feeds inspiration, but sometimes even the most ordinary space or object may reflect a glowing light or an atmospheric mist that compells me to record it.  

So look at your world as if you were painting it.  Think in terms of light and composition and look for the special in the mundane.  Just dont cross your eyes.  You know they could stick that way.