Thursday, August 20, 2009

What We Leave Behind

As I get older I am beginning to think more about what I do as an artist and how it reflects on my life. I have to admit that what I now produce will probably last longer than I do, and this makes me consider more carefully what I create. As artists we want to leave a record of what we saw in our brief time here, what moved us, what inspired us. Our work will define us to others later on. That's must be why I work, rework and re-rework a piece until I see what I like - fear of not being liked after I'm dead. If you are a therapist, feel free to leave your e-mail address.

This is a new one I painted after last week's trip to Cades Cove. I call it Mown Grass, 9" x 12".

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Inspiration Destination

Part of the past week was spent on the road taking paintings to my gallery in Knoxville TN. Bennett Gallery had a sales spurt with my work and new paintings were needed, so I lightly loaded the trusty Chevy Express - paintings gratefully not being like pianos. I dropped off my work and after a side trip for some family business, I programmed the Cades Cove loop at Great Smoky Mountains National Park into the GPS unit and left Knoxville for the mountains. Cades Cove is one of my prime inspiration destinations. I had plenty of daylight left and lots of camera battery. Unfortunately, the GPS unit didnt recognize the most direct road to the park is also a steep climbing switchback thrill ride better suited to Porsche Boxters than big vans. It finishes with a gravel road into the park open only in the summer months.

I retreated to the way I knew without using GPS and since it was late by that time, pulled into a hotel outside the park vowing to rise with the sun. The dawn shoot may have worked out better than the sunset visit. The fog was heavy on the floor of the valley and it lent great atmosphere to the photos. Tomorrow I get busy in the studio.