Monday, February 1, 2010

Are Painters Competitive Enough?

Sometimes I marvel how we artists sometimes rave out loud about artists we like. I do it almost every day too. Today a couple of my painter friends and myself were talking about painting and looking at some famous dead artists' work in a book. It's a pastime to be practiced in moderation, else we would become overcome with self pity and overwhelming loss of ego.

Still, I am impressed at how we talk openly and so often about other artists we know and admire, - and without much jealosy or resentment. Well OK, maybe a little. In general, I think it reflects true respect for good work and those who create it. We seem to be inspired by it and not envious.

I suppose it's because we don't compete directly. Most buyers arent going to be swayed by the next artist. They come to an artist's work because it calls out to them specifically. Other artists usually bring their own collectors. I think we also share a tough mission in life. Making a living off something proven to be hard to live off. That creates a camraderie that allows us to encourage and admire. That's a nice place to be.
What's new: Autumn Sentinels, oil on canvas, 40"x40"

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  1. A great post and painting Stephen. Looking forward to painting with you again at Winter Park in April.
    Linda Blondheim