Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I wrote on March 3rd about the occasional auto art commissions I receive. I enjoy the opportunities to paint shiny things and value the relationships I have developed with people who collect rare and historic cars. I also wrote about the demands of commissioned paintings. As the artist, I have to first fullfill the vision of the client.

The painting that illustrated that earlier post was a rough for the client to approve. He wanted some changes that sent me back to the sketchpad. The proportions needed to change from a horizontal format to more of a square. Also more landscape as part of the environment the cars were to be seen in. The sliding car to the right of the larger one. Here is the latest version. We'll know Thursday whether this one will make a good final version.


  1. that is one rockin painting dude. freehand no less...can't wait to see the final.
    by the way the only way i can comment is if i'm anonymous?

  2. hey there larry,

    under the comment box there is a "comment as" box.
    in that box you can choose anonymous or name. :)