Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Trip to the mechanic

Today was pretty productive. Seven hours of painting. Finishing a small one and starting a large one. I have mild anxiety about the state of the economy and how we as artists are going to be affected. Or have already. I'm spreading the work to more outlets in hopes of recouping better sales from more places. We'll see if that's good strategy.

My faithful cargo van sprung a radiator leak over the weekend. I got the courage to take it to the shop today. A big bill is on its way. Ouch. But no choice in this case. I tell people my van is as important a tool as a paint brush or a tube of paint. It has gotten me to countless shows and galleries through the last 9 years. Trips to California, Idaho, about a dozen times to Chicago, New York, St Louis, Kansas City, Dallas Ft Worth... a lot of the US has passed under the wheels of that van. There have been great adventures and fun times. So I guess I owe it a new radiator and anything else it demands. Up to now it's been kind enough to break while I'm at home instead of leaving me beside the road on the way to an out of state show.

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