Monday, February 23, 2009

Home delivery

My gallery owner and I delivered a large (48x60) painting of mine yesterday evening to it's new owners. They have recently moved to a beautiful new home on a lake here in the Orlando area.
I always enjoy seeing the places my art goes to hang. You get the real experience of viewing it in proper light and it's ultimate surroundings.
The other fun part is seeing what artwork the clients have collected. It's interesting if not much of a mystery that if they bought my work, they might have other paintings by artists I like and admire. They were kind enough to give us the tour. In this case the western landscape artist Jim Wilcox of Jackson Hole WY had several pieces on the walls along with Ken Auster of Laguna Beach CA who does wonderfully colorful and atmospheric urbanscapes and interior scenes. The art was the finishing touches on a beautiful home.

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