Friday, February 27, 2009


It's the end of the week. Five days 9 to 5 painting this week and two night sessions as well. I got some good work accomplished but since it still resides here at the studio, I won't feel the sales benefits until later. I soon need to sort and ship or deliver to galleries and reps. That's sometimes hard to do since you want the work to go where it will give you the fastest return in sales. I need to call my dealers to discuss who needs what based on what they have, how long since work has been exchanged, and which paintings will work best for them individually. Still, knowing where to send work is a guess.
The painting above, Beginning Anew, has been a problem child, but I feel good about it now. Last week I painted until I thought it was finished. After a couple of days I decided to re-work it. It's a process I'm famous for among the other artists around here. And I think a source of amusement to them. I'm known to work and re-work a painting until I'm happy. If there is something left in that image that I feel I haven't found yet, I'm going to keep painting. My process isn't a linear path to completion. I work in circles until color, composition and emotion merge as one. The real trick is recognizing when the puzzle is solved.
Beginning Anew, oil on canvas 40x40, stretched and framed, $4,200.

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