Monday, February 16, 2009

Painting without a trip-tik

It's Monday - back to work day and I resumed working on a small painting I started last week. My local gallery owner came in and bought it outright - unfinished. I warned her it was still underway but she insisted. That was dangerous because I'm just sure she'll want her money back when she sees it finished. I can hear her now. "That's what I saw the other day?"
I often work from photographs I take, but still it seems every painting I do is a half-out of control adventure. It's as if I'm hurtling down a road sliding off one side backwards and skidding across to the ditch on the other side. Somehow I usually gather it up in the end, but when the dust settles, I'm not always sure I'm at the destination I was heading to. Nothing looks familiar. As I have answered some people who want to know about a painting's inspiration,
"No, I don't know where that place is and I don't even know if I meant to do that, but I like it".
Oh, today I also committed to another gallery show in April in North Carolina.
I'm sure I will regret this later. I'm overbooked.

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