Thursday, May 7, 2009

Press Any Key, No Not That One

It seems like too many of my posts start with something like, "its been awhile since I posted...". I'll try to be more disciplined, but I have an excuse if you need one. This has been DSL hell week. The home network went down for about the fourth or fifth time in the past 10 days. The last time it took the router with it and it hasnt been working since. Each of my attempted fixes somehow led to additional issues with the desktop or other devices. The periferal called a refrigerator was still working around 10pm last night so I quit while I could still get a cold beer.

Let me take this opportunity to apologize to my family for too loudly expressing my anger at the AT&T automatron lady who each time after the help line went dead, patiently led me through 4 more minutes of voice mail hell to reach tech support. FYI, their voice recognition program doesnt respond to certain words that usually get a big rise out of real humans. It's looking like the DSL will be switched back to cable soon but for now I want a few days return on all my spent fury.
The painting above is new and part of my work for the upcoming the Decatur Art Festival, May 23-24 in Decatur GA. The painting measures 10x20" oil on canvas, gallery wrap, $1,175.

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