Monday, May 25, 2009

A Parting Gift at Load-Out

Back home after an a rainy all-night drive. Most of yesterday in Decatur was rain free, but very overcast. The sun did show up for an hour or so in the afternoon but rain came and drove out the crowds. In talking to several artists, the consensus was slow sales. They were slow for me. This show didn't return expenses, so I will have to consider the situation next year before applying again. While weather was a factor, some shows bring out the buyers even when it rains.

Because of the congested downtown location, parking for load-in and load-out is not abundant. Passes are issued to load your booth out to your vehicle only after everything is disassembled and ready to move. Unfortunately, your work is exposed to the elements while you take apart and pack your tent and other equipment.

Around 7pm, I could hear the thunder and sense the impending doom. Yes, the last and strongest storm of the day hit as everything was in it's most vulnerable state. Some show volunteers braved the rain and helped move my paintings to a large tent in front of the old courthouse while I took down the rest of my booth. The work wasn't damaged but practically everything else (including me) was soaked and loaded wet. I'll need to spread out eveything in the sun later today and dry it out - if it's not raining.

Well, another festival in the books. I met a lot of nice folks this weekend, including some Atlanta area painters who shared their knowledge of galleries and local artist organizations. I sold a few small pieces and probably gave out a hundred or more business cards, so good things may come from this show at a later time. The economy is hurting the art community in many ways right now. Outdoor show sales are only one facet but they are taking a big hit. We all hope things improve soon.

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