Monday, May 18, 2009

Another Show Prep Week

Monday, and the start of a show week. Friday morning I must be on the road to Decatur GA for the Decatur Art Festival Between now and then a hundred details need to be addressed. From having business cards made to getting out the show equipment and going through each piece in a kind of peace of mind inventory. Every artist doing an outdoor show has somewhere in the back of his head a fear of showing up 1000 miles from home with 3 of the 4 tent legs for their booth. I have shown up 1,300 miles away without my tent roof. I looked a little shabby for three days, but being under a big top tent with the other artists, no weather damage was incurred.

I have also shown up without my trade mark amyrillis and vase, my guest book, my painting title tags, and more than once without a coat. Who knew it could be cold in Chicago in June.
Even if you remember, it's just hard to pack scarves and mittens when it is 92 degrees in Florida. The leap of logic is just too broad.

Between now and Friday there is also a lot of work on unfinished paintings. This last week before a show is always a little unsettling. Each painting has to find it's conclusion so it can be packed and loaded. I cross my fingers that they will finish up with appeal to buyers. Or at least be something I am proud to hang.

On a visit to Decatur a few weeks ago, I stopped by the courthouse square and looked at my space, number 56. I am on the SW corner of the old courthouse. I noticed I will be setting up under a rain tree that has a dense canopy. That's great if it's hot, but the lack of light filtering into my tent won't be good. Paintings can only look good if they are properly lighted. Deep shade is not going to be helpful. Most shows don't want to move you unless the the conditions are intolerable, and the artist loses the advantage of being found by patrons that use the artist space directory in the program.
At any rate, this should be an enjoyable show. Our daughter Michelle attends Agnes Scott College, just a few blocks from the square, and though she is home in Orlando now, I will enjoy being back in Decatur.

Here is the painting previously posted. I think it is finished. I called it Here to Forever. It measures 36" x 48" and is a gallery wrap, unframed.

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