Thursday, April 2, 2009

Finish Line

Another 12 hours or so of work on this piece since the last photo. I think it is finished. At least the hard stuff. Now a coat of paint on the sides of the canvas since it will hang unframed, and a coat of retouch varnish over everything.

As I said in an earlier post, the painting process slows to a crawl as I finish a piece like this. Details are everything in these car paintings and having the correct details are crucial to the collectors. Getting shapes shadows and reflections right, and graphics painted in perspective are the most painstaking parts of the piece. I'm happy with it so I'll take it to Jacksonville early next week and hope this is what the client envisioned.

Tomorrow begins getting ready for the annual spring open house held this Saturday at our group studio . I need to finish up a couple of landscape paintings and make my studio presentable. We usually get a large crowd at our openings and it's a big effort to get ready. Food, bar and clean up - spruce up. Let's hope it brings some art buyers.

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