Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dinner on the Avenue

Last night our studio took part in the Winter Park FL Dinner on the Avenue. Its an annual community dinner that is held on Park Avenue in the center of town. Individuals, businesses or organizations can rent tables on the street and enjoy the company of hundreds of others for cocktails and dinner. Its great fun in a beautiful setting. Prizes are awarded for the best decorated tables and themed out diners so it has become a bit of a competition. There were some great themes. From the lavish AIG table to the Food Network table with star chef imposters. Our panel of scouts observed that if you had tall decorations you were a front runner for the trophies.

I admit, artists are notoriously hard to organize for any event or purpose. Our best ideas and highest ambitions for next year's event peak as we dine 365 days beforehand but in spite of our lapse in follow-through, we put in a good appearance.

Plaid was our theme this year. I don't remember why. But this worked out well for some of us guys. We simply pulled something off the closet rack and we were there. But most of the women artists brought stocks of emergency plaid. Standby scarves, belts and head gear was available for rescuing the understated. I was loaned plaid pants to accent my shirt lest I look like I just came from work.

We had a great time. Good food, friends, and beautiful weather. And wait till next year. There's talk is we raise the legs of our tables by a foot. As Lynn Whipple put it - "verticality". That should win us some metal.

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