Thursday, March 4, 2010

Painting Air

Atmosphere -The gaseous mass or envelope surrounding a celestial body, and retained by the celestial body's gravitational force.
Painting atmosphere can be a challenge. The above definition sounds like it's just visual background noise, but if affects everything in a landscape painting. One elementary rule is the farther off the object, the less vivid it appears. I did the painting at left purely because of the atmosphere. It's as big a part of the mood as the light.

I took a photograph at dusk in the bluegrass region of Kentucky after a rainy afternoon. The moisture was still heavy in the air. When I later looked at that photo, I could feel the dampness and I wanted to try painting it. It took several layers of paint to convey that air. I still have some details remaining but I like the feeling it conveys. I've learned painting air can be a challenge.

Whats new: Haze at Nightfall 9"x12", oil on canvas

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