Sunday, March 21, 2010

Duck and Cover

"Schedule an Art Show". That's the punchline to the joke, "How do you end a drought?"

One of the usable technologies for the outdoor show artist is the smart phone with internet radar display. By noon the warnings were circulating at Winter Park predicting a sharp line of thunderstorms and high winds. The radar was painting yellow and red.

"Twenty minutes." I heard from a neighbor. I ran to the van for plastic and a dolly to move things out that werent essential. Sometimes the crowds congregate inside the open tents for cover, so it's often so crowded you cant move. Here there are shops and restaurants along the avenue so most took refuge where there were drinks and food. Rain led to heavier rain and winds and by 2:30, a show committee person gave us the word, the show was closed.

Trouble is it's hard to safely load art outdoors into a monsoon. Meanwhile a pool of water was growing deeper inside my tent. And I had to use a stick to push off water standing on the roof. In a half hour most artists were packing up. Everyone was soaked through by this time anyway. No need to stick around for more of the same.

My wife Susan had to leave the show before the rain reached its peak, so I needed to pack 2 tents and contents in the storm. Luckily I have good friends. OK, really good friends. Ones who came out in the rain and helped load it all out to 2 vans. Thanks Tim, Patti, Cynthia, and a special thanks to Ellie came out but who also loaned her van and wall panels to Susan. You are saints, one and all. I owe you. Five hours later and the skin on my fingers is just now starting to smooth out.

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  1. wow do I remember one like that....Piedmont Park art show in the late eighties.....remember how it's like a huge bowl shape with the lake in the middle? Well it started pouring so hard and so fast that in no time at all the water was ankle high....police cars tried to get through it to help suddenly stranded moms with strollers....pieces of booths and artwork started floating by.....we'd grab what we could to try and find the owner was a constant race to empty the roof with a stick or heap work even higher than we had it....people crammed in our booth so that was not an easy task...
    We laughed(kind of)at it then, what else could you do? It seemed like everything bad that could happen at a show did...or maybe we were just younger and it didn't bother us as much lol