Thursday, July 2, 2009

Barbara Miller

As artists, this week we lost one of our advocates and supporters. For years, Barbara Miller ran Miller Gallery in Cincinnati She and her husband Norman founded the gallery in 1960 and have grown the business while keeping it in the family ever since. Miller is a place you feel welcome when you come in the door. They have always emphasized the love of art without the snob appeal.

Barbara retired about the time I came into the fold, but on my delivery trips, she would often be in the gallery and make me feel all important by making a big fuss over my work. When I had openings, she was there, looking radiant, lighting up the room with her smile. Everyone in town seemingly knew Barbara Miller. I tried to stand next to her to catch some of the glow.

She hadn't been there my last few trips. I was told she was fighting against tough odds to beat cancer. While she ultimately lost the battle, Barbara left a legacy for us all to take stock. She and her husband dedicated themselves to build something that has benefitted not just her family and staff but us as artists. And they worked to give back to the Cincinnati community. We shouldn't take people like that for granted.

The gallery remains in competent hands with Gary and Laura Miller Gleason, and a great staff led by Rosemary Seidner. I know they will make sure the gallery has the future it deserves. I hope my paintings will still catch some of Barbara Miller's glow when they hang there.

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