Monday, September 10, 2012

Judgements and Observations

Observations while sitting at the curb:

1. Parents pushing strollers are most likely only looking.
2. Six year-olds are capable of stealing your business cards like they are a fist full of m&m's.
3. Crowds circulate counter clockwise at rectangular or circular show layouts.  Perhaps clockwise below the equator.  Don't know.
4. When sitting at their eye level, two year olds in passing strollers can stare you down for 30 seconds, heads rotating 150 degrees, without blinking.
5. People gnawing on fried turkey legs are not buying paintings.
6. A good flower arrangement in your booth will often draw more attention than your art.
7. Droughts often dramatically end on art festival weekends.
8. Long lost friends or relatives running into each other in your booth is bad.
9. There should be DOT width restrictions on strollers.
10. A person talking to someone on the other end of a cellphone while looking at your painting can be a hopeful sign.
11. You sell to women though you might sometimes take money from men.
12. The amount of negotiated discount is inverse to the dent in the customer's wealth.
13. Number 10 was wrong.
14. If after spending 15 minutes trying to sell your art, the prospect utters the words, "Do you have a card?", accept that you have lost.
15. People suck.
16. People are great.


  1. :-) I'm going to print this list.

  2. Very clever and funny Steve! You can paint and write too! Multitalented. :)

  3. Mark adds #17. People that walk with their dogs at art shows do not buy either.